What makes us so different than any other facility is our prices. We offer more for less.


By eliminating the expenses of billing insurance, we can now pass those savings along to you. 

Since we are no longer in network with any major insurance plans, we can charge much lower fees.

Insurance prices are typically $35-$50 per adjustment, likely leaving you responsible for a $30 copay or the entire amount if you were meeting a deductible.





$35 pay per visit                       

  • includes all ages

  • no appointment necessary


  •  6 visits       $150      

  • 10 visits      $200       

  • 20 visits      $360       

  (All packages are good for one year from date of purchase)


$59 Monthly Membership ($14.75/4 visits) This is the BEST option.

  • 4 chiropractic adjustments per month 

  • no appointment necessary

  • $10 each additional visit if you were to need more than 4

  • month to month auto-deduct payment with a 4 month commitment required OR pay 4 months in full

Family Membership: 

At Simple Chiropractic we would like to see all members of your family 


receive the benefits of chiropractic. Chiropractic care can help from infancy through geriatric years.


  • Each member gets 4 visits per month

  • Member #1 =$59

  • Member #2 =$49     

  • Member #3 = $39 

  • Member #4 = $29 (cap at 4th person)



  1. All visits for the membership plans must be used within the one month of purchase.

  2. No visits may be carried over from one month to another.

  3. No visits will be able to be shared between members.

  4. On all AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED PLANS: the charges will be taken out on the 1st day you begin the plan and that same day of the month on all of the following months.

  5. On all AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED PLANS: the deductions will run monthly for 4 consecutive months. The plan will automatically be terminated after the 4th month, but you will have the option for re-signing during any time.







  MWF    7:30pm to 1:00pm

                  3:00pm to 5:30pm

 TH         3:00pm to 5:30pm

all walk in hours

no appointment necessary 


           800 E Walnut St               Carbondale, IL 62901


On Rt 13 just east of

        Eastgate shopping center            


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